The dance team and booster club puts on many events throughout the entire year.  Each of those events takes careful planning and volunteers to make them successful.

The booster club has implemented a volunteer fee of $300.  Similar to other sports like basketball, hockey and gymnastics, this fee would be used to entice parents, guardians, relatives, etc. to volunteer their time for the Simley Dance Team.  The check is only cashed if the volunteer hours are not fulfilled at the end of the winter season.  Fall only parents are exempt from the volunteer fee.

Donating food and beverages will not be considered volunteering time as that is a separate donation and necessary for the concessions area during the invitational and the conference meet, and feeding our dances throughout the season.

If you are interested in becoming an event chair or simply volunteering your time at a particular event please contact our Board Members via email boosterclub@simleydanceteam.com